The latest release of pitchRx has me excited for two reasons. First, R 3.0.0 has the capability to host R Markdown vignettes generated via knitr, so an extension of the pitchRx demo page is now available as an official vignette. After installing pitchRx 0.4, either visit the direct link or enter help(package="pitchRx", help_type="html") then click on “User guides, package vignettes and other documentation”. In order for everything to render properly, use a modern browser with WebGL graphics enabled.

Secondly, strikeFX now has the option geom="subplot2d". This is a great way to look at the distribution of a discrete variable across subregions of the strike-zone. The package vignette has an example of how to use this new functionality. Below you can see a more sophisticated example which combines the variable top_inning and des to compare called strikes and balls for both home and away pitching.