Nerd alert! I just stumbled across Ramnath Vaidyanathan’s awesome R package (slidify) that makes publishing robust and interactive presentation slides easier than ever. Thus, I should update my previous post accordingly – with an outline on how to produce those same slides using slidify.

If you haven’t heard of Slidify, I recommend the demo video to get acquainted. For lazy people like me, Slidify can offer a workaround if you don’t have time to learn and integrate complicated stuff like pandoc, CSS and javascript.

Not much of the original real_time.Rmd file was changed to produce this real_time_slidy.Rmd file (seen below. All that was changed was the heading code which does the conversion and formatting for you (as opposed to using pandoc – as in the previous post). If you’re just interested viewing the slides that this creates, you can preview them here: real_time_slidy.html